RJ’s Licorice Expands All-Natural, non-GMO Soft Eating Licorice Range

September 2016: RJ’s Licorice, a pioneer of Soft Eating Licorice has introduced two new flavors to it’s all natural, non-GMO soft eating licorice range – all natural Mango Licorice and all natural Orange Licorice. The two new products come in 7.05oz bags and ship in 10-ct. retail ready display cases.

These two new flavors are line priced with the current range of all natural Black Licorice and all natural Raspberry Licorice. These additions will meet the needs of licorice lovers looking for an expanded range of authentic fruit flavored soft eating licorice products.

About RJ’s Licorice: RJ’s Licorice is a New Zealand business started by the Halliwell family. One bite of the soft, black and delicious treat, and Roger was hooked. Such is the magic of great licorice, that one splendid mouthful became a passion to spread licorice joy to the world. Our story is a simple one. We were a family business that decided to do one thing and do it really well. We scoured the world – well, a barn in Fargo, North Dakota – to bring the finest licorice making facilities to the spiritual home of licorice – Levin, New Zealand. With a large dose of kiwi know-how and ingenuity, we started to make the world’s finest licorice.

Sticking to what we know and love has produced the best licorice you’ll ever put in your mouth. Don’t take our word for it. Try some and find out for yourself. And it’s not just the good old black stuff, we stretch the licorice boundaries to produce some wildly tasty confectionery treats. The devoted RJ’s Licorice team are taking over the licorice world, one mouth-watering, soft, delectable, natural licorice log at a time.

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