Pique Tea Introduces The New Ritual Of Tea

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for the New Year, Pique Tea, Inc. announces the launch of the new ritual of tea – organic Tea Crystals. Liberating tea lovers from the inconvenience of tea bags and strainers, Pique Tea Crystals completely dissolve in water and offer a hassle-free way to enjoy an exceptional cup of tea in an instant, without compromising flavor or nutrients.

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After years collaborating with tea farmers, tea masters and tea lovers, Pique Tea developed a way to turn organic loose-leaf tea into Tea Crystals. Blended, brewed and crystallized by renowned tea master, Roy Fong, Pique Tea Crystals use organic whole leaves sourced directly from trusted tea farms at their peak of freshness. Available in convenient single serve sachets, Pique Tea Crystals provide the delicious flavor and rich nutrients of exceptional loose-leaf tea without any artificial flavorings, preservatives or sugar.

“Tea Crystals are the biggest innovation in tea since the invention of the teabag,” says Simon Cheng, Pique Tea’s founder and CEO. “Our mission is to unlock the power of tea for everyone, everywhere without compromise. There’s no better time than the New Year to embrace healthier habits, and we hope to inspire a new generation of tea drinkers with an effortless way to enjoy exceptional tea in an instant—without brewing, steeping or even stirring.”

Pique Tea Crystals are available for purchase online via subscription at in five varieties: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mint Sencha, Sencha and Jasmine (MSRP $9.69). They will also be available in select retailers in 2016.

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About Pique Tea, Inc.: Pique Tea, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Simon Cheng, a tea-loving entrepreneur with great respect for a centuries-old tradition and the passion to innovate. Cheng’s deep appreciation for the rich flavor and powerful nutrients in tea inspired him to create a new ritual for enjoying an exceptional cup of tea. Pique Tea Crystals provides a hassle-free way to enjoy the pure flavor and health benefits of a perfectly brewed cup, anytime, anywhere, without any compromise to flavor or nutrients. Free from artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar, Pique Tea Crystals are made from premium, organic whole tea leaves, hand selected, perfectly brewed and crystalized by a renowned tea master for effortless enjoyment. For more information, please visit Pique Tea at

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