New Buzz + Bloom Brand Offers Globally-Sourced, All-Natural Honey

August 25, 2016 ONSTED, MI– To kick off National Honey Month, Buzz + Bloom honeys are making their journey from hives around the world to homes across America with the launch of premier, craft and spreadable honeys. Carefully preserving the honey making process, the new honey brand is dedicated to capturing the natural and diverse goodness of the honey bee’s surroundings. Sourced from its trusted beekeepers in the United States, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia and around the globe, each Buzz + Bloom variety offers an unparalleled taste experience, highlighting the unique flavors of its country of origin.

“We believe that honey — and the process bees go through to create it — is truly magical, and that process should be celebrated and preserved,” said John Rzeszut, Vice President of Marketing, Buzz + Bloom. “Because our honey is minimally processed, the uniqueness of each variety remains intact, with distinct and delicious notes derived from the flowers, terrain and climate of their origin: all playing a role in the personality, taste and color of the honey.”

Many honeys are overheated, over filtered and over processed, stripping honey of its natural pollens, flavors and nutrients. Buzz + Bloom only gently strains its honey, ensuring that it retains naturally-occurring pollen, which not only has many nutritive benefits, but also verifies the honey’s floral source and country of origin. Additionally, Buzz + Bloom honeys are packaged at a lower temperature than most supermarket honeys, helping to maintain the vital enzymes and antioxidants that make honey a true superfood.

To celebrate the launch, Buzz + Bloom has teamed up with Jeff McInnis, Chef and Owner of Root & Bone restaurant in New York, NY, to create one-of-a-kind recipes, featuring the new line of honeys.

“By putting taste and versatility front and center, Buzz + Bloom has made honey a hero in a wide range of culinary opportunities for honey fans like me,” said Chef Jeff McInnis. “This new line will give people an insight into how honey should taste from farms across the world, and elevate recipes like you’ve never seen honey do before.”


Available in three versatile product lines, Buzz + Bloom honeys contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, and are gluten free, fat free and nut free:

  • Premier Honey: Organic Non-GMO Honey, Organic Non-GMO Spreadable Honey, Fair Trade Honey, Single-Serve Organic Non-GMO Honey
  • Craft Honey: Light & Sweet Honey, Bold & Floral Honey, Orange Blossom Honey, Mesquite Blossom Honey, American Honey
  • Spreadable Honey: 100% Pure Spreadable Honey, Almond Spreadable Honey, Blueberry Spreadable Honey, Cinnamon Spreadable Honey

Committed to protecting the health and vitality of the honey bee population, Buzz + Bloom is proud to partner with Planet Bee Foundation, a nonprofit organization heightening awareness of the struggling bee population and creating the next generation of environmental stewards through hands-on education in the San Francisco area and beyond.

Buzz + Bloom honeys are available at and at select retailers nationwide in 14 all-natural varieties, including Organic Non-GMO, Raw & Unfiltered and Fair Trade Certified. For recipes and to learn more about Buzz + Bloom, visit and follow Buzz + Bloom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Buzz + Bloom Honey: Launched in 2016, Buzz + Bloom™ is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality, safety and traceability standards of its honey, and to delivering globally-sourced, craft-style honey that captures the natural and diverse goodness of the honey bee and its surroundings. Additionally, Buzz + Bloom is committed to retaining the natural pollen in every batch of honey, which ensures a superior product and allows for third-party verification of geographical origin and floral source. Buzz + Bloom Honey is produced by Natural American Foods, one of the country’s largest processors of 100% pure all-natural honey. With operations in California and Michigan, the company serves some of the best-known manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the United States. Learn more at

About Planet Bee Foundation:Â Planet Bee Foundation is a California Bay-Area 501(c)3 on a mission to change the world – one bee at a time. They are dedicated to inspiring a green minded generation through environmental stewardship by working with schools, nonprofits, summer camps, environmental centers, community gardens and businesses to build long lasting care of the struggling honeybee and other pollinators. They present hands-on, educational workshops to increase awareness of the current bee crisis, and engage individuals and communities to take action. To learn more about Planet Bee Foundation please visit

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