Eatpops Good-For-You Frozen Desserts Achieve Non-GMO Project Verification

East Brunswick, NJ —Eatpops announces Non GMO Project verification for six refreshing flavors from its all-natural line of plant-based, paleo friendly ice pops.  Each vibrant blend spotlights premium, non GMO fruits and veggies, from tangy sweet pineapple to kid-friendly kale. Inspired by good-for-you green juice favorites, Eatpops brings sweet relief from the summer heat with no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

“With so many buzzwords being batted around these days, consumers can feel overwhelmed by information yet still skeptical of ever-emerging packaging claims,” says David Boyle, Eatpops’ VP of Operations. “The Non GMO Project has invested tremendous effort into educating both consumers and manufacturers on issues surrounding genetic modification, and their logo is one that our customers really respond to.  The changes we’ve actualized across our supply chain solidify our confidence that our products best represent our mission to increase healthy, clean label choices on the shelf.”  Completion of the Non GMO Project’s verification process places Eatpops among 2,500 brands across North America that share the Project’s commitment to building a safe and healthy food supply. Featured on more than 35,000 products drawing over $16 billion in annual sales, the Non GMO Project Verified label is one of the fastest growing attributes sought by consumers in both the natural and conventional food sectors.

Eatpops Good-For-You Frozen Desserts Achieve Non-GMO Project Verification

A unique balance of health-conscious functionality and classic American fun, Eatpops bridges the dessert gap between decadent, sugar-and-calorie-laden treats and “lite” or “diet” alternatives filled with artificial ingredients, chemical dyes and preservatives. With a range of 45-100 calories per pop and no added colors, all Eatpops recipes are vegan certified, naturally gluten free, low in sodium, and kosher. With a suggested retail price of $6.99 per box of three 3-oz pops, Eatpops offers an affordable, convenient juice bar experience anytime of day.

New packaging bearing the Non GMO Project’s iconic butterfly logo will begin rolling out to stores in mid-August. Verified flavors include: Green Detox (kale, spinach, ginger), Glow (carrot, mango, pineapple), Cleanse (lemon, cayenne, organic agave), Activate (beet, apple, carrot), Super Detox (cherry, acai, noni, goji), and Restore (kale, banana, pineapple). For more information on the Non GMO Project’s vision, enrollment procedures, and verification standards, visit

About Eatpops: Eatpops fruit & veggie ice pops are the good-for-you frozen treat that blends green-juice functionality and naturally indulgent flavor with pure fun. Founded in 2014 by Sophie Milrom in her native New Jersey, Eatpops were an innovative solution to late night snacks and sweet tooth cravings while studying for the Bar. In just over a year since launch, Eatpops are available in over 600 retail accounts nationwide and online via and Now based in Los Angeles, CA, the company is committed to celebrating health and wellness. Every Eatpops flavor is vegan, non GMO, paleo-friendly, gluten free, free from refined sugars, and kosher.

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