Little Debbie Introduces Brand New Flavor of Mini Donuts

Collegedale, TN (April 02, 2015)

Little Debbie® snacks has spiced up the bagged mini donuts category with the release of their new Little Debbie® Cinnamon Sugar Bagged Mini Donuts.

A Mini Donut Flavor Study yielded a strong interest for cinnamon and cinnamon sugar donuts with the latter being the most requested. “We like to offer consumers a great experience that delivers on the promise of a quality product that they expect from the Little Debbie brand,” said Thomas Mossbeck, Little Debbie product manager. “So we are excited to see how consumers respond to this new cinnamon sugar variety, as we are taking cinnamon mini donuts to the next level with a more robust cinnamon experience than what is currently in the market.”

The volume potential for Little Debbie Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts looks good as some competitors’ sales of cinnamon donuts are up to 52 percent of their Powdered Donut volume. “Little Debbie Powdered Mini Donuts is the number-one bagged mini donut across all classes of trade. We have seen the power of our Powdered Mini Donuts; now it’s time for Cinnamon Sugar to shine,” said Mossbeck.

This is one of five Little Debbie® Bagged Mini Donut varieties now available. Other mini donut varieties include powdered, chocolate frosted, glazed and coconut crunch.

About the Little Debbie brand

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