Exceptional Swiss Chocolate Returns to the US with New Milkboy Chocolate, a SOFI AWARD Finalist for Best Chocolate 2015

New York, NY (June 17, 2015)

MilkBoy chocolatesHas the US Market forgotten about real Swiss chocolate? Now that formerly Swiss brands are actually made in the US, the premium chocolate universe has been missing the true taste of traditional chocolates made In Switzerland. A SOFI AWARDS finalist for best Chocolate in the World 2015 — Milkboy Swiss Chocolates exclusively Swiss-made and are available in retail locations from New York to California.

It takes confidence to enter into the fray of premium chocolate bars. The bean to bar manufacturer sources cacao from sustainable farms in West Africa. Milkboy has created Alpine-inspired flavors in dark, milk and white chocolate done in the time-honored style of real Swiss chocolate. Milkboy is a legacy style brand that honors the “Alpaufzug”, or cow parades.  The Milkboy is a historic character responsible for tending to the herd in the spring and summer grazing seasons. These Swiss herdsmen would lead the procession, as families and friends join in the celebrations with cow bells clanking as cattle were led up to the high mountains where pastures, lush with sweet juicy green grass, awaited them. In the fall, Milkboy’s return heralded more joyful music and dancing, knowing that the time spent high up in mountains led importantly to the creation of the world’s finest milk, cheese and Swiss chocolate. In historic tribute, the founders of Milkboy Chocolate commissioned a famous Swiss artist to create a distinctive look for the packaging using the ancient folk art of paper cutting, depicting typical Swiss motifs.

Industry recognition has already begun. Milkboy Dark Chocolate with essential Pine Tree Oil is one of four finalists for the SOFI AWARD, the Specialty Food Association’s award for best chocolate product of 2015. They have been one of the select chocolates to be showcased at the prestigious Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle this October.

Emanuel Schmerling, CEO of Milkboy Chocolates is no stranger to the chocolate business. “I grew up in a chocolate crafting family,” he states. “This was the art of my grandfather and my father, but I wanted to create a brand that reflects my Swiss upbringing and my quest to define a remarkable tasting traditional chocolate.”

Milkboy Chocolate, a privately held enterprise, is manufactured in Switzerland and maintains US sales office and warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. The products carry the global recognition of UTZ for cocoa sustainability and FSC certifications.

Ordering is available by phone 718-221-5540 or visit the website at for more information. Like Milkboy on Facebook or check out on Instagram.

About Milkboy Chocolates
Milkboy Chocolates elevates the stature of Swiss Chocolate with their line of sustainably produced premium chocolate bars. A SOFI AWARD finalist for best chocolate bar in the world, 2015, Milkboy manufactures extraordinary tasting, traditional Swiss chocolate in Alpine-inspired varieties. For more information visit their website at or call 718-221-5540.


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