Upcycled Grain Project

Upcycled Grain Project
Company: Rutherford & Meyer of New Zealand

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Waste not, want not: We started the ‘Upcycled Grain Project’ to play our part in minimizing waste, reduce our reliance on new resources and make great tasting snacks! How it works: When making beer, brewers steep malted barley to give body and flavor. They keep the liquid to make beer and discard the grain. Turns out, these grains are SUGAR-FREE, packed full of PROTEIN AND FIBER and are incredibly flavorsome. So, WE ‘UPCYCLE’ THESE GRAINS with other natural ingredients to produce a range of delicious and nutritious snacks. Why it works: Not only does upcycling these ingredients minimize the amount of discarded materials, it also reduces the need to produce new materials — thus helping to reduce the strain on our already stretched planet. Saving the planet one snack at a time

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