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Rational Foods
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Rational Foods offers nutritious, flavorful products made with whole foods and organic ingredients. Achieve, the first line of our products, is ideal for patients who are recovering from bariatric surgery or undergoing supervised weight loss care. In the convenience of a pouch, Achieve offers delicious meals that are high in protein and nutrient dense. Made with real organic foods such as butternut squash, yogurt, and apple, each one is deliciously satisfying and an easy way to make healthy decisions. We are dedicated to providing a balanced, nutritious option for obesity management that tastes great. Our patent-pending formula is chef- and doctor-driven, contains 20 grams of protein and superior nutrition, and will properly nourish patients for all of their short-term and long-term dietary needs. Achieve goes beyond the protein shake. In a marketplace saturated with food-like meals, sugary tasting treats, and glorified granola bars, we are offering a refreshing alternative. Achieve pouches better satiate a person’s appetite and encourage healthy choices, craving real food instead of sugary flavors. Wholesome food in the palm of your hand takes healthy eating to a whole new level.

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