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Quinn Foods
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Classic Snacks Reimagined: Simple ingredients. Farm-to-Bag transparency. Real food just tastes better. We're on a mission to reimagine classic snacks. Our method is simple; only use real ingredients, show people where they came from, and above all, it has to be crazy delicious. Ingredients: We kicked some to the curb like GMOs, flavorings, preservatives, and unpronouncables. We only use ingredients that our grandmothers would recognize. It’s a pretty simple rule. Beyond using real food, we have close relationships with our farmers and suppliers, so we know exactly what goes into producing each ingredient in our snacks. Transparency: We created our Farm-to-Bag initiative with the idea that transparency is the most powerful force for good in food. When you share where every ingredient comes from, you make food differently, you make it better. That transparency also puts the spotlight where it belongs, on those who grew it! Taste: If our snacks don't make your day a little better, if kiddos sill reach for the junk, then we'd be wasting our time. Good thing real food just tastes better... so much better. There are so many snacks and packaged goods out there that desperately need an update and we have a whole list we're excited to reimagine with real ingredients, transparency, and crazy good taste.

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