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Prayani Indian Yogurt Sauces. Refreshing and Cooling. Cucumber with Mint and Cilantro, Tomato with Cumin and Coriander, Carrot with Cumin and Coriander. Coming Soon - Onion with Turmeric! From the purest salt from the Himalayas, to rBST free milk from a family owned Michigan dairy, we use the finest all natural ingredients to bring to you Raita, an authentic Indian flavored savory yogurt. Go ahead and enjoy this guilt-free, probiotic-packed snack that is high in protein and spiced to perfection. Ways to eat Prayani raita: • as a DIP for veggies or chips, or • as a CONDIMENT to spice up your favorite sandwich, or • as a SAUCE to accompany a meal, or Share your favorite way to eat Raita at or on twitter @raitayogurt.

Raita Indian Yogurt Dip
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