Moji Masala ®

Moji Masala ®
Company: JDSQ LLC D/B/A Moji Masala

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Our Mission: make it super easy for you to cook fresh, homemade Indian food regularly. ? Our high quality, freshly ground, and impeccably stored Indian spice blends (masalas) provide the foundation for quick, authentic, intensely satisfying meals without the hassle of spice shopping. The single-use, eco-friendly packaging bears no resemblance to the mass-produced jars gathering dust on your spice rack. These are age-old family recipes that celebrate the cultural, religious, and regional diversity of India. So, pick your favorite Moji Masala spice packets. Buy a few grocery items. Use our easy recipes and prepare to amaze your friends and family by your fabulous Indian cooking skills!

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Italian butcher with a funky old-world vibe selling steaks, housemade sausage & wild game.


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Farm fresh produce, delivered at up to a 50% discount. Pick from over 50 types of fruits and veggies.