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We are a Denver based handcrafted burrito company. We strive to make delicious burritos that are Fresh, Fast, and Fun! Our story begins with our mama, Marlene Henry aka “Mame”. Born in 1939 in Cozad Nebraska, she grew up in a farming family where hard work and good home- grown food was in abundance. She was a free spirited, mischievous little thing that had a will and mind of her own! At 29, a single mom with four young children the ‘big fish’ left the small pond for greater opportunity and high adventure. She bravely took a leap of faith and on less then a shoestring (two hundred borrowed dollars to her name) she loaded us in her only possession an old 59 Chevy Impala. Denver bound, in the ‘bat mobile’ we all sang ‘she’ll be coming around the mountain.” Mama has always known how to make everything FUN! It wasn’t an easy road she chose to walk down, or should I say up! That determined, hard working, ‘quick on her feet’, feisty, strong willed country girl never gave up! She has made her way in life with a keen sense of humor, a fearlessness that borders on insanity, and an unstoppable, don’t tell me no, can do attitude! She’s never known a stranger, or someone she couldn’t afford to help along the way, even if it meant risking life and limb! At 66, having faced and survived cancer twice in her life she decided to follow her heart and to do what she truly loved most. Did I mention that she’s always LOVED to feed people? Being the daring woman that she is, she decided to throw caution to the wind and start a burrito company. This is where the insanity piece comes in! Her kind, generous and irrepressible spirit still exists today just ask anyone who knows her. She is the matriarch of our family, her four children, 7 grand children and two great grand children. Now at 73 she is still a force of nature, and will get it done come ‘hell or high water’! Over the years she has enlisted the help of various poorly trained, under paid, but willing family members to meet the demand of our hungry burrito craving, devoted cult followers! What exactly was she putting in those burritos that were flying off the shelf? One day we cornered her, and after a brief, but memorable struggle, she finally relented and admitted her secret but essential ingredient…LOVE. Today we are happy to say that we are no worse for the wear and neither is she! We feel confident that whatever burrito you’re currently eating you will soon be a Mame’s convert! From our crazy, fun loving family to yours we thank you! After reading this you must be starving, go grab a Mame’s burrito for Pete’s sake!

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