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Hi, we’re Farm&Oven. We make mouthwatering snacks with 2+ servings of vegetables in every package. My daughter goes beyond being a picky eater. Veggies are a no-go with her. I've tried all kinds tricks - and most failed spectacularly. That's why I created Farm & Oven Bakery Bites. They're a sweet way to eat veggies. Frankly, they are scrumptious, mouthwatering morsels of yummy breakfast foods - oh, and each package gives you 2 full servings of non-GMO veggies. Pumpkin, carrots, beets and/or zucchini. They're available in Pumpkin Maple Pecan Bread (+ pumpkin), Carrot Raisin Cake (+ carrot), Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin (+ zucchini) and Dark Chocolate Brownie (+ beets). If you - like Anya - wish you ate more veggies, but don't (at least not consistently), please pre-order by backing us on Kickstarter.

Bakery Bites
Bakery Bites - 3 Pieces
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