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Compass Coffee is a Washington, DC-based Coffee Roaster. Founded in 2014 by two Marines, Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez, Compass has 12 brick-and-mortar locations around the Washington Metro Area, one active roasting facility in DC's historic Shaw neighborhood, and a growing regional grocery presence. You can find Compass Coffee at many popular DC restaurants, in corporate break rooms, and in government facilities. Currently, Compass is building a state-of-the-art production facility in Ivy City to support its expansion through the entire Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and beyond.

K-Cups and Nespresso Capsules

Don't have a traditional coffee maker? Don't have a french press or pour over? No problem! We worked to make sure our coffee blends fit any brewing method as part of our mission to make quality coffee more accessible to our everyday customers. We are making it easier to have your favorite Compass blends by making K cups and capsules in-house, as we do with everything at Compass. Our new line of K-cups & capsules will allow coffee lovers to enjoy our most popular blends at the same level of quality as whole beans so, break open the Keruig to try our most popular blends of coffee, and have quality coffee just the way you like it.

Emblem Espresso Coffee Beans

Love the espresso drinks you get at our cafes? Want the same great-tasting espresso from our cafes at home? We have it here! We use our Emblem Espresso at our cafes to make lattes and all our espresso drinks, now you are able to experience the same quality taste at home. Get creative and make lattes, cortados, americanos, and other popular espresso drinks with these coffee beans (Tip: Add our Simply Syrup for flavored lattes). Even try to make your own latte art at home with espresso shots. Love the taste, but not the caffeine? No problem! We even have decaf espresso for those less caffeinated days or just put one shot instead of two.

5lb Bulk Coffee Bags

One tin of coffee isn't staying stocked at home for long? Do you feel you never have enough of your favorite blend of coffee? A 5lb bulk bag of fresh coffee beans may be the answer. We have all of our popular house blends and single origins in 5lb bags. You will have enough to brew at home for you, your friends, and your family. This will ensure you'll have more of the coffee you love for a longer amount of time. 5lbs may seem like a lot, but for all the serious coffee drinkers this will last you just the right amount of time. For the prolonged freshness of your coffee, be sure only to grind coffee beans right before you are about to brew a cup.

Whole Bean Coffee Blends

We take pride in our Compass Coffee blends, which are peak roasted right here in DC at one of our very own cafes (come in and watch!). All of our coffee beans are fairly traded and each blend is combined with beans that are from the same growing zone. Choose from a variety of coffees from the major coffee regions of the world. If there seem to be too many choices or you do not know where to begin, look at the flavor matrix printed on the back of every coffee tin. Each blend has its very own description of its coffee flavors ( or coffee notes) and the region in which it came from. Find a flavor that speaks to you and start your journey.

Ground Coffee Blends

Are you looking for a more convenient way to brew Real Good Coffee at home? Well, we hope you have your coffee mugs ready because we have simplified your at-home brewing process with this collection of Ground Coffee products. Now you can enjoy some of our most popular fairly traded and peak roasted blends--including our best-selling medium roasts and dark roasts, Cardinal and Waypoint, as well as our classic Emblem Espresso and renowned Union Kitchen Blend--without the hassle of using grocery store grinders or the expense of purchasing a grinder for your home. Meeting customers where they are is at the heart of Compass Coffee’s mission: “We’re here to make peoples’ days better.” The ability to provide high-quality coffee that is easily accessible to all consumers motivated us to research and develop this special coffee collection to bring Real Good Coffee to everyone, everywhere. Each of our District-Crafted, Pre-Ground coffee blends are available in both our signature coffee tins as well as in a five-pound bag so you’ll always have a steady supply of your favorite coffee to either enjoy by yourself or share with family and friends.

Seasonal Coffee Blends

To keep our promise of organic and fairly traded coffee beans, we work with some of the best coffee buyers to import the most uniquely flavorful beans the earth can produce. From places as varied as Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea, these single-origin coffee beans often come from the same farm. This ensures the coffee beans' unique characteristics are properly highlighted in each cup. Single-origin coffee beans have flavors that are bolder, this way the coffee drinker gets the true notes from each region. If you are looking for a different flavor, or a small way to spice up your morning routine, this is the coffee for you!

Partnership Coffee Blends

In addition to our Compass Coffee signature blends, seasonal coffee blends, and single-origin coffees, Compass Coffee also partners with local businesses, restaurants, and groups nationwide to make Real Good Coffee for those who share Compass Coffee’s mission and values. We take exceptional pride in the coffee we roast and the partnerships we build. Each of these unique blends is born of a close collaboration between Compass Coffee and its partners. As you can see in this collection of blends, we love partnering with brands and businesses whose goals and vision align with our own: brewing Real Good Coffee, striving to Always Find a Way, and actively making sure everyone does their part to Build Your City and make peoples’ days better. Keeping in line with our mission and core values, we want to promote our partners, while forming new relationships and continually developing a thriving and shared community here in Washington, D.C., and beyond. We want you to come to know all of the remarkable businesses and organizations we have had the pleasure of partnering with over the years, and that you’ll enjoy each of these blends, carefully crafted here in Washington, D.C. And we hope to keep expanding this collection, as we aspire to continually develop even more valuable relationships with people and businesses who share our values.

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