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5 years ago
Omg I think this cheese is from a can. So good! Get it on the side so it doesn't make your fries soggy.
5 years ago
Vanilla milkshake with a Twinkie add in.
5 years ago
Burgers were better this time. It didn't fall apart and wasn't as pink! Solid burger.
5 years ago
Since Remedy Coffee closed, I've even looking for the best chocolate chip cookie in Oakland. Found it! I wonder if they hired the same contract baker that they had at Remedy.
5 years ago
Baked puff pastry filled with eggs, meat, etc. The filling was delicious and the puff pastry was flaky and perfect.
5 years ago
Pear flavor wasn't very strong; mostly tasted like green tea.
5 years ago
Really nice people, burnt latte.
5 years ago
Texture was good but should have been more minty.
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