Market Share: Leadership Lessons from Jolie Weber

Jul. 28, 2021 at 3:12 PM

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As a leader, there are always hard decisions to be made -- sometimes unpopular or even risky calls. So how do you learn to lean into the fear and uncertainty that can surround these choices in a way that can help your company or your own career? How do you empower and engage your team to move companies forward?


Jolie Weber, the CEO of snack brand Lenny & Larry’s, will delve into these questions, and more, during this episode of Market Share, with host Carol Ortenberg, the editor of NOSH.  

In this episode, Weber shares: 

  • Why failure can be a good thing for you and your career.

  • How to make a big jump in your career and, eventually, move to a role in the c-suite. 

  • How to make a transition to a leadership role. 

  • How to make your team feel empowered and heard.