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NOSH Live || The Rules to Rapid Growth, from Chobani to La Colombe

Jeff Klineman

Few consumer brands have gone from zero to $1 billion as fast as Chobani yogurt. Kyle O’Brien led the sales charge at Chobani, leading its revenue growth and transformation into the largest yogurt brand in the U.S. — and he’ll lead a discussion on fast growth at NOSH Live, taking place in Manhattan on Monday, June 12.

O’Brien was the first salesman hired by Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya, and continued running sales for the company on a global basis as the EVP of Sales for Chobani Global Holdings before taking a similar role at La Colombe, where Ulukaya is the majority owner.

O’Brien’s talk will reframe the Chobani story from the inside as one that centers on the interplay between sales and production as the keys to rapid growth, demonstrating ways that tightly wiring sales and marketing expectations with the capabilities of the factory floor are the true route to winning at the shelf. It’s a playbook that allowed Chobani to rapidly scale from a goal of 20,000 cases of yogurt a week when it debuted in 2006 to 1 million cases a week in 2009, and it’s one that’s now being applied in the same way at La Colombe.

As one of the key players in the Chobani phenomenon, O’Brien will offer invaluable advice for brands looking to accelerate their sales — or to understand the ways that their teams should work together, at any stage, for solid growth.

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