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NOSH LIVE: Build a Special Brand, Not a Specialty Diet Brand, with Banza Co-Founder

Carol Ortenberg

NOSH LIVE: Banza pasta co-founder Brian Rudolph will speak at NOSH Live on June 12 at the Metropolitan West in New York, NY.

Rudolph, started Banza at the young age of 23 with his brother, Scott, crafting a product in sync with several popular trends in the industry: high-protein, plant-based, and gluten-free. Yet he and his team quickly realized that while these attributes may inspire raves among some consumers, in order to attract the widest audience, they needed to think in broad terms.

““While some people might love that our product is vegan, gluten-free, sustainable, or high-protein, we try not to overcomplicate it. At the end of the day, we communicate simple, delicious, and healthy,” Rudolph said.

As more and more special diets come to the forefront of the food industry, it’s easy for brands to become so niche they are unable to expand to a wider market. At NOSH Live, Rudolph will discuss how brand owners can find the core attributes of their products that will resonate with all consumers and not over-complicate their mission, messaging and packaging.

Meet Rudolph and many other great speakers and attendees at NOSH Live on June 11 and 12. Conference registration is available online.

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