Taste Radio Ep. 76: Bill Creelman Discusses Spindrift’s Crafty Strategy; MCT’s Moment

Ray Latif

Episode 76 of Taste Radio podcast spotlights a wide-ranging conversation with Spindrift founder and CEO Bill Creelman. Recorded at Spindrift headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, Creelman talked about why he was first drawn to the industry and shared lessons learned from the sale of his first company Stirrings, a maker of premium cocktail mixers. He also discussed why the brand is pursuing a “craft” identity in an unexpected category, and how the company has taken a careful approach to retail partnerships and investment.

Also included in this episode: BevNET staff reporter Brad Avery and senior brand specialist Jon Landis examine the emergence of MCT oil. The pair discussed MCT’s purported functional benefits, why a growing number of food and beverage brands are infusing the ingredient into new products and how it’s being marketed to consumers. And this week’s edition of Elevator Talk, we chat with James Fayel, the founder and CEO of Zest Tea, a brand of high caffeine teas. This episode is presented by Algarithm Ingredients.

Show Notes:

1:07: Chicken Chips FTW — The hosts chat about the most interesting and innovative products that they saw at Natural Products Expo East 2017 including new additions from Vermont Village, Wilde, Forager, Ithaca Cold-Crafted Hummus, 4th & Heart, Harney & Sons and Repurposed Pod.

9:06: Interview: Bill Creelman, Founder/CEO, Spindrift — Creelman shares his background as a beverage entrepreneur, breaking into the business with cocktail mixer brand Stirrings, the launch and evolution of Spindrift and the brand’s pivot from craft soda to sparkling water.

47:48: Why is MCT Oil “a Thing” — Jon Landis and Brad Avery discuss MCT Oil, including how it’s sourced, efficacy claims and ingredients’ place within the healthy fat trend.

1:01:14: Elevator Talk — Zest Tea is a brand of high caffeine teas designed for mental clarity and energy. We caught up with founder and CEO James Fayel at BevNET Live Summer 2017 and he shared some insight into the brand and its innovation pipeline.

Brands in this episode: Wilde, Vermont Village, Harney & Sons, Forager, Ithaca Cold Crafted, 4th and Heart, Repurposed Pod, Stirrings, Spindrift, LaCroix, Polar, Bulletproof, Zest Tea

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