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Love The Wild’s Series A Funding Round Reels In A-List Actor

Meagan McGinnes

Love The Wild has added an A-list investor to its mix. The branded frozen fish meal kit company announced Wednesday that actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the team as an investor and advisory board member.

Co-founder and CEO Jacqueline Claudia told NOSH she hopes DiCaprio’s extensive experience as an environmental advocate will help the company “grow in [its] understanding and influence within that realm so [it] can actively participate in and contribute to the climate conversation from a viewpoint on responsible aquaculture.”

Claudia said DiCaprio’s investment will be used to expand product development, as well as fuel store expansion and aquaculture education efforts. The investment amount was not disclosed. Though it is still early in 2017, this isn’t Love the Wild’s first major investment this year. Aqua-Spark invested $2.5 million in January — and Claudia said the company is not ruling out seeking out future investment throughout the year.

“Changing the way that consumers think about farmed fish is a long game,” she told NOSH in an email. “We are excited to partner with folks who share our mission, and see the opportunity to impact real change in the food system. That said, we would welcome partners who can bring CPG expertise to the table to complement our team as well.”


LoveTheWild Rounds out Series A Funding with the Addition of New Investors

Boulder, Colo. LoveTheWild, purveyors of farm-raised, freshly frozen seafood kits, and champions for sustainable aquaculture, today announced the addition of new investors to round out their previously-announced Series A funding round.

Joining Aqua-Spark, an investment fund that seeks to address the planet’s health and food security, and existing angel investors were individuals including Academy-Award® winner and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, who will also join the company’s advisory board.

“Estimates show the earth’s population approaching nine billion by 2050, putting tremendous pressure on our natural food resources,” said Mr. DiCaprio. “Seafood is a primary source of protein for nearly a billion people – but climate change, acidification and over fishing are putting increased pressure on our oceans’ natural stability. LoveTheWild’s approach to sustainable, responsible aquaculture is promoting the development of a secure and environmentally-conscious solution to feeding our planet’s growing population.”

LoveTheWild’s gourmet, frozen seafood products utilize traceable, farm-raised fish sourced from the most well-managed aquaculture facilities in the world. This passionate company is on a mission to protect the earth and fight climate change through aquaculture, the least environmentally impactful form of animal protein production in the world. As a socially-conscious brand, LoveTheWild offers artisanal and responsibly sourced seafood entrees that break down barriers to consumers including more seafood in the diet.

“The exploitation of our oceans has left many marine ecosystems on the brink of total collapse, which is hurting our ability to harvest our seas as a reliable food source as we have for thousands of years. LoveTheWild is empowering people to take action on this crisis in a very meaningful way,” continued Mr. DiCaprio.

“Our vision for LoveTheWild was inspired by our dedication to aquaculture, and we’re very humbled that the quality of our products and integrity of our vision has attracted such a powerful group of supporters and investors,” said Jacqueline Claudia, LoveTheWild CEO and Co-Founder. “We are excited that Mr. DiCaprio, someone so dedicated to environmental activism, has partnered with LoveTheWild to help make it easy for consumers make an impact on the environment through something as simple as choosing the right thing for dinner. We have no doubt that the involvement of all of our investors will further bring to life our mission of making high-quality seafood exciting, easy, and accessible, while also helping to bring awareness to the potential for responsible aquaculture to play an important role in our food future.”

LoveTheWild’s innovative line of farm-raised seafood kits contain freshly frozen pure fish fillets that are never thawed or re-frozen, expertly paired with gourmet, bold sauces that complement each species’ unique taste, texture, and origin. The brand offers four artisanal varieties: newly launched Striped Bass with Roasted Pepper Almond Sauce, Barramundi with Mango Sriracha Chutney, Catfish with Cajun Creme, and Red Trout with Salsa Verde. LoveTheWild is available in the frozen aisles of retailers across the country, including in Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Sprouts, and Mom’s.

About LoveTheWild

LoveTheWild is on a mission to change the way Americans view seafood, and in the process, protect the earth through aquaculture, the least environmentally impactful form of animal protein production in the world. Disrupting the frozen aisle with a fool-proof, three step culinary experience, the brand’s seafood kits pair sustainably-sourced, pure fish filets with regional, bold sauces that complement each species’ unique taste, texture, and origin. Only one in five Americans meet the USDA recommendation for fish intake, a vital high protein dietary component that’s high in protein and healthy fats.

Jacqueline Claudia, CEO and co-founder, and Christy Brouker, COO and co-founder, recognized a gap in the market for convenient, delicious seafood from traceable sources that consumers could trust. The duo launched LoveTheWild in 2014 to fill this void, and by doing so, provide an environmentally-friendly protein source that doesn’t produce the levels of greenhouse gases that other meat production does. The team hand-selects seafood from the most well-managed farms in the world to consistently offer the highest quality, fresh, sustainable seafood that’s easily prepared for a gourmet, home-cooked meal. LoveTheWild is currently available in four artisanal varieties: Barramundi with Mango Sriracha Chutney, Catfish with Cajun Creme, Rainbow Trout with Salsa Verde, and newly launched Striped Bass with Roasted Pepper Almond Sauce. Products are sold at major retailers across the U.S., including Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans, Sprouts, and Mom’s.

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