Zee Zees Launches New Blueberry Lemon Soft Baked Bar

NOVI, Mich./SAN DIEGO– National Food Group, a leading wholesale and retail food distributor, announces a new flavor in its Zee Zees soft baked bar line – Blueberry Lemon. The flavor is a bright new addition that tested well among children, as well as adults.

“We always strive to keep on top of trends and provide unique flavors,” stated Tara Sharpe, K12 Director of Business Development. “Coming out with products that keep in line with what’s trending out in the food world and bringing that into the school food world is what we’re known for. It’s what we do.”

The new Blueberry Lemon bars are available in both 1.3 oz and 2.2 oz sizes, offering a 1 grain and 2 grain meal component option for schools, respectively. They also are:

  • School safe (nut free facility)
  • Smart snack compliant
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian
  • Buy American compliant

Meet Jazzee

Jazzee is bebopper and showstopper, composing music with the Zee Zees band. When she is not in rehearsal with Rock’n Blue Ozzy, she can be found on the playground with her pals.

For more information about all Zee Zees characters and products, visit zeezees.com.

About Zees Zees

We’re about two things here at Zee Zees – three if you count having fun – but mainly making good foods and making them in good ways. Wholesome ingredients, interesting ways of putting them together, a healthy serving of fruit or veggies when we can and a helping of common sense, tied together in one big bursting-with-flavor bow. That’s what we’re about. With Zee Zees, it’s z’all good. Learn more at zeezees.com. #MeetTheZeeZees

About National Food Group

Founded in 1990, National Food Group is one of America’s fastest growing wholesale food service manufacturers and distributors. National Food Group’s family of brands includes: Zee Zees® better-for-you snacks for kids of all ages, Elated Plates® innovative food items ensuring a supreme sense of satisfaction with every bite, and Fare Promise® for truly square and deliciously nutritious meals at remarkably low prices. National Food Group offers three core programs to help make budgets and planning easy: Always Available®, Opportunity Buys®, and Commodity Processing™. Our team of food experts can also develop original items to meet custom nutritional and pricing requirements. The company is headquartered in Novi, Michigan with a west coast office in San Diego, California. For more information, visit nationalfoodgroup.com

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