Wine RayZyn Launches CabernayZyn Truffles

NAPA, Calif.— Wine RayZyn, a superfood snack company that creates healthy snacks from specially dried wine grapes, launched its newest product, CabernayZyn Truffles — a decadently delicious but guilt-free chocolate treat — at the 2019 Expo West in Anaheim, California. This represents the first broad scale launch to the trade of this delicious chocolate snack, which had its initial debut to the public on QVC in February. The “RayZyn Guy” Andrew Cates, who is also the company’s co-founder, joined a QVC host on air to introduce this unique and healthy product to the QVC viewers.

CabernayZyns, made from hand harvested Cabernet wine grapes that are specially dried to concentrate nutrients and heart healthy antioxidants, are paired with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate to create a delicious blend of flavors with the healthy crunch of wine grapes along with the richness of dark chocolate. The result is the new and unique CabernayZyn Truffle. In addition to being delicious, each truffle is beautifully wrapped in a foil twist wrap and packaged in a 9-count Truffle bag for the retail trade, as well as, a larger bulk offering for the Hospitality and Foodservice channels.

Andrew Cates, when asked about this new CabernayZyn Truffle, said: “We are excited to launch this amazingly delicious product to the trade at Expo West because they have been a great supporter of our product lines and because of the access they provide to a variety of trades – from Specialty Food to Hospitality to Airlines. Also, Expo West celebrates innovative products, and their attendees are always eager to try something new. We have a had a lot of success at Expo West our other products, and our flagship product CabernayZyn was recognized as a NEXTY Award Finalist in 2017 in the ‘Best New Snack’ category. I hope that we enjoy similar enthusiasm for our new CabernayZyn Truffle, which should really resonate with consumers who are constantly looking for tasty snacks with true health benefits.”