Boston-Based Food Delivery App Market 2day Launches

BOSTON– Move over, Amazon and Instacart. A new food delivery app is about to change how Bostonians get their groceries. Market 2day is a new app that delivers locally farmed and produced food directly from farmers markets to homes and businesses in Boston, Somerville, Cambridge and the South Shore. Nearly three quarters of Americans  are trying to incorporate more local food into their diet. However, with our ever increasingly busy lives, it’s hard for most people to make time for a farmers market visit. In fact, most Americans are actively searching for local food, yet only 3% of the total US food spend is local. Today, Market 2day is launching a platform that is poised to bridge the gap between busy lifestyles and eating local food – while simultaneously helping farmers markets reach more customers.

Insa Elliott of Hingham, Massachusetts founded Market 2day because she believes passionately that a healthy society has a strong, sustainable local food economy. Buying local provides the most nutritious, freshest food to consumers, keeps money in the community and is better for the environment. Elliott’s goal is to fundamentally change our food system by creating a business model that provides consumers and local food producers better access to each other, while saving consumers time and maximizing the profits of farmers and other small local food entrepreneurs.

“Our current food system is terrible for local food,” said Elliott. “Farmers receive only 15-20 cents on the dollar when their food is sold at mainstream grocery stores which basically makes it impossible for a small farmer to sell to big retail.  That’s why it’s so hard to find local food at a supermarket. That’s not how Market 2day works. Product revenue goes directly to our vendors. Busy people get easy access to fresh, sustainably produced local food via an efficient and modern delivery service app. Everyone wins!”

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app and sign up
  • Browse the markets and select a farmers market close to you
  • Two days in advance of the market date, place your order.
  • Receive your order on the day of the market (often via bike delivery!)
  • Enjoy delicious, fresh local food!

Currently, Market 2day is partnering with the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) and other co-working spaces to bring their service to members. The goal of these partnerships is to reach the time-constrained professional in Metro Boston. These are the people who value locally produced food but work full time, have busy lifestyles, and may not have time to make it to the farmers market.

“Market 2day will be an incredible benefit for our clients at CIC. Most entrepreneurs are extremely busy and are not able to make it to a farmers market,” said William Simpkins, head of kitchen operations MA, CIC Cambridge & Boston. “Not only will this help them eat better, it will also give them time back into their day to focus on productivity.”

“Across the country, increasing numbers of consumers insist on knowing who their farmer is. Market 2day makes it possible for farmers to reach many more families with their fresh produce. CIC is pleased to support Insa Elliott, a local entrepreneur who is helping Boston-area families and farmers build a better, healthier food system,” said Geoff Mamlet, managing director of CIC.

Now, all you need is a Smartphone and a workplace or home address in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, or the South Shore and delivery from a farmers market is at your fingertips.

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About Market 2day

Market 2day, an app for busy people who love local food, connects local Massachusetts producers with residents in Greater Boston by delivering fresh local food from farmers markets straight to homes, workplaces and other communities. Market 2day gives local food producers all of the product revenue sold through the app. Market 2day’s new model creates a healthier food system – both from a nutrition and economic standpoint. Learn more at