Telos Foods Launches with Collagen Coffee Lattes and Collagen Boosters

Boulder, Colo. – Telos Foods debuts with their first two lines; Collagen Coffee Lattes and Collagen Boosters, available direct online and with Amazon. These products are macronutrient blends of Non-GMO high quality protein, healthy fats, and adaptogenic herbs designed to enhance the nutrition of beverages, smoothies, hot cereals, soups, and even baked goods. Telos was created by Founder Penny Sparks who is a practicing holistic nutritionist based in Boulder, CO with over 30 years of experience and education in the world of natural health and healing.

Telos believes individuals have the opportunity to benefit their health with every beverage and meal they consume, and Telos is a practical solution to help consumers add more nutrient density into their fast paced lifestyle. Telos Collagen Boosters include 10 grams of protein from pasture raised collagen peptides and provides healthy fat from coconut milk creamer. In addition to these ingredients, the Collagen Coffee Lattes contain organic instant coffee delivering satiating nutrition in a delicious, ethically sourced cup of coffee. All of these products are served in convenient powdered single serve packets and available in Original, Vanilla, and Turmeric flavors.

“I have spent many years experimenting at home creating healthy foods and beverages for my family and friends based on what I have learned as a student of natural healing through whole foods, herbs, and whole foods supplements,” shared Penny Sparks. “The Collagen Coffee Lattes and Collagen Boosters were inspired from coffee and oatmeal recipes I developed for my husband in order to reduce chronic inflammation in his body from a career in the NFL.”

Telos is a Greek word for “purpose” or “goal” and the brand is a literal commitment to “Food with Purpose.” Every Telos product consists of functional ingredients that can be challenging to include as a consistent part of the health conscious consumers daily diet. Collagen is an easily digestible, high quality protein source and is the matrix that holds the whole body together. It is a building block and supports the health of muscles, bones, joints, tendons, skin, and hair. Together with coconut milk, this blend reduces gut inflammation, balances blood sugar, and fuels the brain. The Turmeric products have additional anti-inflammatory benefits through a synergistic mixture of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper.

“I created Telos as a practical solution for anyone to bring ‘Good for You Food’ into their daily lives,” added Penny. “I truly believe in the healing power of food, see my education as a gift, and am grateful to be able to share my knowledge. It is our goal to utilize Telos to improve the accessibility of nutrition education and healthy food for everyone.”

The Collagen Coffee products are served by stirring each packet into eight ounces of hot water, and the Collagen Boosters are made to add to a variety of beverages and foods. All Telos products are Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free, and Paleo, Keto and Whole30® friendly. Telos Collagen Coffee Latte’s and Collage Booster’s are sold in 8 packet pouches for $23.99 and $19.99 respectively. They are available for purchase direct through Telos Foods and on Amazon available as Prime.

About Telos Foods
Telos is “Food with Purpose” created by Boulder, CO holistic nutritionist Penny Sparks. With over three decades of education and experience in holistic health and healing Penny is bringing her natural foods solutions to the masses that she has been serving her friends and family over the years. The first two product lines from Telos Foods are Collagen Coffee Lattes and Collagen Boosters that are macronutrient blends of high quality protein, healthy fats, and adaptogenic herbs designed to be a practical solution helping anyone add more nutrient density to their on the go lifestyle.