Teapigs Introduces Three Matcha Latte Sachet Products

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Following the success of their single-serve pure matcha sachets, teapigs, one of the fastest-growing tea brands in the US , have introduced 3 new matcha latte sachet products in the most on-trend and delicious flavours; cocoa, turmeric and chai. Made from real, premium, organic matcha and real spices, teapigs latte sachets are all natural and contain no fillers, sweeteners or milk powders – you just add hot milk. They’ve also unveiled a new, bolder and brighter packaging for their whole sachet range including their pure matcha and matcha mint sachets

Renowned for its abundant nutritional benefits, matcha has quickly become one of the most sought after health drinks and – while matcha is traditionally drunk as a hot tea and can be added to fruit juices and smoothies, the most popular way of drinking it is as a latte. teapigs new sachets have made it possible for consumers to easily make a delicious matcha latte at home.

“The popularity of matcha and matcha lattes being purchased at cafes and coffee shops is off the scale” said Louise, teapigs teas taster. “It takes a couple of minutes to make a latte at home and customers find the portioned format really easy to use. We’ve used real ingredients that are full of flavor so you don’t need sweeteners – you can just add milk (our favorite is almond milk for the natural sweetness)”.

teapigs matcha sachets are a great entry level matcha product at around $15.00. Each sachet contains a full 1g of matcha so you’re getting your daily fix. Be sure to stock up this spring when everyone is looking for healthy products.

teapigs matcha latte sachets will be available at an SRP of $15 for a pack of 10 sachets from March 2018.

About teapigs

teapigs was set up in 2006 by Nick and Louise, self-professed tea nuts on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea. Louise has been a professional tea taster for over 10 years, and has travelled the world sourcing all sorts of teas. The result is a range of the very best quality teas you’ll find. teapigs only use whole leaf teas; whole berries; and whole herbs and flowers – not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular tea bags! Their teas come in biodegradable tea “temples” – roomy mesh bags that gives the leaves lots of room to infuse.

About matcha

teapigs was the first to launch matcha in the UK.

“Matcha has been drunk in Japan for centuries, but when we launched it in the UK it was relatively unknown. It’s now our fastest growing tea and we have tons of people writing in to tell us how great they feel from drinking it,” said Louise, teapigs co-founder and tea taster. “In 2014, we launched it in a “ready to drink” format; a full serving of matcha with spring water and fruit juice – it’s a perfect energy boost when you’re on the go.”

Since then, teapigs has also launched matcha in a 500g pouch suitable for foodservice and there are now five different matcha sachet products available.

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