Natierra Launches Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Slices

LOS ANGELES —¬ Natierra, the natural foods company best known for pioneering Himalayan Pink Salt and Goji Berries under its Himalania line, is excited to announce the introduction of a new line of organic, dark chocolate covered freeze-dried fruit slices. This indulgent, snackable treat uses 55% cacao dark chocolate sustainably sourced from the rainforests of the Amazon and organic fruit.

We begin with USDA certified organic fruit, grown and harvested by hand to ensure the highest quality raw fruits and to respect the environment. Rather than processing the fruit into a concentrate or candy to cover in chocolate, whole slices of fruit are freeze-dried, a process inspired by an ancient Incan technique for preserving food.

The freeze-drying process removes 99% of the water from the fruit, extending the life of the fruit while adding a crunch that makes this snack absolutely irresistible. Freeze-drying also retains the color, shape, flavor and nutrients of the fruit better than any other method of drying. This means that our freeze-dried fruit has much of the same fiber, vitamins and antioxidants that you would find in fresh fruit without any preservatives.

While our chocolate covered fruit slices make a delightful snack on their own, they are also a great topping for yogurt, oatmeal, smoothie bowls and ice cream as well as a sweet addition to trail mixes and cereals. Adults and kids alike will love receiving this treat in their lunches.

Each bag comes with a resealable top and has a suggested retail price of $4.99.

About Natierra

Natierra is a mission-driven company that offers unique superfoods, gourmet salts, and freeze-dried fruits and veggies to conscious consumers nationwide. At the forefront of the healthy food-movement, Natierra introduced the US to Himalayan Pink Salt in 2002 and Goji Berries in 2006. Natierra is committed to fostering social progress and sustainable business through Organic and Fair-Trade practices.

To learn more about Natierra, the products, and give back mission, please visit or follow us on Instagram: @NatierraSuperfoods ; Facebook: @Natierra.

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