Matakana SuperFoods Expands Operations in US

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Matakana SuperFoods, a producer of more than 70 lines of superfood products, sourced from its home in New Zealand and around the globe, is expanding its operations in the U.S. marketplace with five of its most popular products.

Matakana SuperFoods is flexing its diverse product line by bringing its delicious Acai Bowls, Supergreens, Supershakes, Superchocs and Superfood Chocolate Bars to the U.S. These items are intended to supplement a normal diet, providing added nutrition through a daily boost, filled with phytonutrients.

“Our proprietary formulas contain only the highest quality, sustainably harvested ingredients,” said Matakana SuperFoods CEO Dr. Kevin Glucina. “Our products have unique nutrient profiles, specific to varying dietetic needs. Nourishing yourself with these nutrients makes you feel good and improves the overall health of your mind and body. A proper diet packed with red and green superfoods can do wonders.”

Matakana SuperFoods is a New Zealand-based producer of tasty foods containing unique qualities including super-nutrients that support wellbeing. Dr. Kevin Glucina founded the company in 2009 and to this day believes using the best quality, super-nutrient wholefoods is the key to great health.

“Matakana SuperFoods is New Zealand’s world leader in Superfood nutrition,” Glucina said. “People all over the world are learning that superfoods provide energy, strength and confidence to get you through the day more efficiently, and with a positive attitude. The added benefit of Matakana SuperFoods’ products is that they don’t need any additives to taste great.”

The more than 70 lines of Matakana SuperFoods products include chia seeds, maqui, goji and acai berries, coconut sugar and fermented coconut sauces, and its Supergreens and Supershake blends. Superfoods are all sourced from organic and sustainable farms. The Acai Bowl and Supergreens are the most popular products among these top-sellers.

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