Gelato Fiasco to Open Shop in Orlando

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Maine snowbirds who head south for sunshine soon won’t have to leave their favorite gelato flavors behind: Gelato Fiasco will open a year-round scoop shop in Orlando, Florida, in spring 2018. The store will be Gelato Fiasco’s first permanent out-of-state year-round scoop shop.

Gelato Fiasco was founded in Brunswick and makes gelato for sale at more than 5,000 grocers nationwide. In addition to its Flavor Foundry in Brunswick, the company also operates stores in Brunswick and Portland.

Gelato Fiasco Co-founder Bruno Tropeano has moved to the area to oversee the expansion and spent several months secretly searching for the perfect spot (with a few inspirational visits to Disney World slipped into his quest). He will be working on-site to make sure that the gelato quality and hospitality experience are top-notch. Co-founder Josh Davis and several other longtime Gelato Fiasco employees are assisting with the launch, either on-site or from headquarters in Maine.

“After 10 years of operating Gelato Fiasco, and with lots of twists and turns, we’ve learned how to make great gelato and serve it in a way that customers seem to enjoy,” Tropeano said. “We’re excited to bring many of our classic recipes and a bunch of the other things that make Gelato Fiasco distinct, like unlimited sampling, unlimited combinations, and a little Maine magic, to guests in Orlando.”

Florida was chosen because more people purchase Gelato Fiasco’s pints in Florida than in any other U.S. state, with placement at about 800 Publix supermarkets statewide as well as a variety of other retailers. The founders decided that a brick-and-mortar store would be a perfect way to extend and promote the Gelato Fiasco experience for those grocery store customers.

According to industry data, Gelato Fiasco is the fastest-growing gelato pint brand in the United States, and the No. 1 independently owned gelato pint brand on the East Coast. The enthusiasm of Floridians has been pivotal to that growth.

The Orlando store will be located in the SoDo (“Southern Downtown”) neighborhood, in a mixed-use urban activity center that includes restaurants, retail, offices, and residences in a single 22-acre property. The address is 25 W. Crystal Lakes Street, Orlando. The store is expected to open in early spring 2018.

Gelato Fiasco Orlando SoDo will make about 20 flavors of gelato fresh daily. Gelato Fiasco’s gelato is particularly dense – a little bit goes a long way – and often include a variety of inspired chunks, swirls, or ingredient combinations. Recipes will be the same as those developed for Gelato Fiasco’s Maine stores, and ingredient sources will include a blend of local, Maine, and specialty producers. The location will also offer freshly made cinnamon-sugar waffle cones, God of Thunder coffee, and Gelato Fiasco’s freezer pints.

The store design heavily underscores Gelato Fiasco’s Maine heritage, and guests will discover a warm, inviting space far homier than a typical ice cream or gelato shop. Both indoor and outdoor seating will be available, along with wireless internet and board games.

The new location is about 20 minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Florida.

Gelato Fiasco expects additional location announcements will be made in 2018.

About Gelato Fiasco

Gelato Fiasco is the No. 1 independently owned gelato brand in U.S. grocery stores. Gelato Fiasco makes all of its grocery store pints at its Flavor Foundry in Brunswick, Maine, with milk from family farms, natural cane sugar, and genuine fruits, nuts, cocoas, chocolates, or confections. Pints are sold at more than 5,000 grocery stores across the United States. The company also operates year-round scoop shops in Brunswick and Portland, Maine, and will open an additional shop in Orlando, Florida, in April 2018. It can be found @gelatofiasco on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and at It was founded in 2007 by Joshua Davis and Bruno Tropeano.

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