The Happy Chocolatier Unveils New Truffle Cubze Flavor

ACTON, Mass. — The Happy Chocolatier, LLC, of Acton, MA, today announced the introduction of dark chocolate orange truffle Cubze to complement the company’s line of inspiration filled confections. The new all-natural truffle Cubze have a rich dark chocolate center infused with essence of orange. This timeless flavor pairing meets consumer demand for more dark chocolate choices. Cubze are cube-shaped truffle servings with inspirational messages about happiness hand wrapped into each piece. They combine a small all-natural chocolate indulgence with fun, happy thoughts in one single-serve colorful package.

The Happy Chocolatier has become known for its inspirational happiness statements. Customers frequently share stories of how the statements were an added treat, or how they kept them for future inspiration by taping them to phones, desks and refrigerator doors. Recipients of truffle Cubze boxes note that the happy sentiments make the chocolates a special and memorable gift. Some fans of The Happy Chocolatier have submitted happy thoughts for inclusion in the truffle Cubze. This holiday season the company is expanding its collection of happiness statements with twelve new selections of happiness wisdom, including:

  • Happiness is the highest level of success
  • Happiness is an inside job
  • Happiness is contagious
  • Be happy because it is good for your health
  • Don’t live life in the past; be happy in the present (customer submission)

The new seasonal gift collection presents the truffle Cubze in elegant silver gift boxes featuring festive seasonal bands for the Christmas season. The Happy Chocolatier gift boxes uniquely offer both fine chocolates and happy thoughts, making them ideal gifts for special occasions and during the holidays for family, friends and business associates.

For specialty food outlets and gift shops, the truffle Cubze are available in a new counter display. Each display will feature the happiness theme and contain individual servings of an assortment of the truffle Cubze flavors. The eye-catching display filled with truffle Cubze in colorful foils is intended to help specialty food shops spread some happiness right from their front counters every day. The seasonal and every day gift boxes are also available in case packs for specialty food retailers, gift basket packers and gift shops.

About The Happy Chocolatier

The Happy Chocolatier, LLC, was founded in June 2011 after many years of testing and refinement of the truffle Cubze™ concept. The Happy Chocolatier Cubze offer consumers an indulgent all-natural chocolate, plus a bit of happiness wisdom for a truly unique experience to make them happy. Visit the company’s website,, for personal and corporate gifts, or to inquire about the company’s wholesale program. Follow us on Facebook:

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