OH YES! Foods Debuts New Pizzas and Packaging

LOS ANGELES—February 25, 2016—OH YES! Foods (, the first company to create frozen pizzas with 12 fruits and vegetables in its crust and sauce will debut its new personal-sized pizzas and chic new packaging at the Natural Products Expo West. The Natural Products Expo West takes place March 11 -13, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Oh Yes! Foods is located in the Next Pavilion at booth 9009.

7680c3d538e413efff85e629e766d795“We’re excited to launch the OH YES! personal-sized pizzas and our new packaging at Expo West,” says Chip Milam, co-founder, OH YES! Foods. “With the personal pizza, a person can add their own toppings while still obtaining three times the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. OH YES!  makes America’s favorite comfort food nutritious.”

The new OH YES! Personal-sized pizzas are 7.5 inches. Similar to the popular 10 inch frozen pizzas, the personal-sized pizzas are available in four varieties: Wheat Crust/Mozzarella, Wheat Crust/Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free/Mozzarella and Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free. The pizzas are all natural and Non-GMO. The Dairy-Free pizzas are vegan and use a non-soy “cheese” replacement.

The SRP for the 7.5 inch Wheat variety is $6.99 and $8.49 for the Gluten-Free variety. The SRP for the 10 inch Wheat variety is $8.49 and the Gluten-Free is $9.99.

All OH YES!TM pizzas contain 12 fruits and vegetables in the crust and sauce including: artichoke, broccoli, carrot, green pepper, kale, papaya, guava, beet, tomato, cauliflower, onion, butternut squash, and quinoa. One serving contains as much iron as a cup of spinach and as much fiber as a cup of instant oatmeal.

Also at Expo West, OH YES! will introduce its new packaging that features a hip woman enjoying a slice of pizza and bright colored boxes that correspond with the various varieties.

Pizza is fun and delicious and we wanted to capture the spirit of eating pizza,” says Milam. The new packaging is inviting, personal and will pop in the freezer aisles.” Founded by Dr. Chip Milam and Dr. Emily Sikking, OH YES! pizza was their way to get some nutritious food into their daughter, a picky eater who only would eat cheese pizza. When it came to food, their pizza recipe with fruits and vegetables turned her Oh No! to an OH YES! .

ABOUT OH YES! FOODS: Headquartered in Los Angeles, OH YES! is the first company to offer frozen pizza with three-to-five times the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. With four varieties available in either 7.5 inch or 10 inch, all pizzas contain 12 fruits and vegetables, are all-natural and non-GMO. Two pizzas are gluten-free and vegan. OH YES! pizza makes America’s favorite comfort food nutritious. “Who says a Square Meal Can’t be Round?” For more information, please visit

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