Nuna Naturals Launches Organic Curry Chicken Pre-Sliced Deli Meat

Nuna Naturals, the ‘100% Organic, Always and Only’ protein company has just launched their newest variety, pre-sliced Curry Chicken.


Nuna, the Native American word for land, has a “less is more” approach in being committed to simple, unadulterated ingredients and organic farming practices.  The entire Nuna Naturals line is organic which includes deli Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Farmstead Cheese and Fresh Beef.  The selection has been well received by retailers that want to focus on building their artisan produced, organic, specialty selection.

Founder Kim Rosenbluth explains “as a mom, I found my children and even friends and family were very confused about the difference between natural and organic, only to realize there is no true definition of “natural”, so it is very loosely interpreted by some manufacturers.  At Nuna Naturals we believe the only “natural” products are organic products as they are clearly defined by the USDA.  We take pride in going beyond the certifying standards by using the most simple, wholesome, unadulterated, organic ingredients.”

Nuna Naturals is proud of being a woman owned and operated company that does business with integrity from farm to fork.  Essi Liljama, General Manager, Nutritionist and recent mom states, “We have the most simple and clean deli line available to consumers.  Our deli turkey, for example, has 3 ingredients: turkey, water and salt, fewer ingredients than my Thanksgiving recipe!  Ours is made from all breast meat, no added grinds or mystery parts. There is no carrageenan, rice or potato starch used to bind the product or inflate product weight.  We always use 5 ingredients or less, in all our products, and they are all items you can find in your own home.”

Liljama adds, “While curry is usually associated with sauces, the spices that make it up are a simple combination of turmeric, cumin or coriander powder. These spices have health benefits, like turmeric, which has been proven to reduce inflammation.”

About Nuna Naturals: Nuna Naturals began in 2014 as a family owned and operated company built on and around “The Golden Rule”.  This means we only produce pure and simple 100% organic products we are proud to serve our family and friends.  We aim to always treat all we work with, with integrity, respect and care while we give back to our community and mother earth along the way. Nuna Naturals is currently available at fine retailers in the New York, Boston and Philadelphia markets and is seeking like minded retail partners nationally. For more information please visit: or email

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