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Seapoint Farms

Seapoint Farms
Company: Seapoint Farms, LLC


This is the official Facebook Page of Seapoint Farms Seapoint Farms began in 1996 as the first American company to pioneer Edamame into the American supermarkets and health food stores. Seapoint Farms has been instrumental in the public's early education and awareness about the health benefits of Edamame. The Seapoint Farms brand has gained national success and is now the leading brand of Edamame in Supermarkets throughout the U.S. Focused on innovation and making great tasting foods packed with nutritional value, Seapoint Farms has expanded our food offerings to include Frozen Edamame, Dry Roasted Edamame Varieties, Fruit & Nut Blends , Seaweed Snacks and Organic Edamame Pasta. Learn more about Our Foods : The Management : Kevin Cross, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder Laura Cross, President/ Co-Founder Philip Siegel, Chief Operating Officer

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