Double Take

Double Take
Company: Double Take Salsa Co.

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The bar has been raised in the salsa industry. Booming flavors with a little extra spice. A new level of gourmet salsa. Booming flavor. Nose-sniffling spicey heat. Chunky, beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes. After many frustrating years of not being able to find the salsa we wanted, we went on a mission to create it ourselves. Now we're sharing it with you, the Craft Salsa consumer. Here at Double Take, we believe we've released the first true Craft Salsa to the market. Made mostly with vine-ripened, organic vegetables that we personally grow year-round, we also oversee the addition of the two most important ingredients: Patience and Passion. One bite and the euphoric blistering flavors will overtake your mouth with pure Craft Salsa bliss. Even low heat tolerance people will be coming back for more – the heat doesn't matter, the flavor is just that good. We chose a simple name for our "signature" Hot Sauce because, to us, the only other name that describes it better is 'Put This On Everything'. But that just doesn't have the same ring to it. Give it a try. You'll come back. You'll want more. - The Double Take Crew

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