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Community Grains
Company: Community Grains


Based in Oakland, CA, Community Grains is proud to offer 100% California grown and milled whole grain pastas, flours, polenta, and bread. Community Grains defines whole grain as the grain in its entirety –100% of the germ, bran and endosperm are left intact and whole milled. We’ve teamed up with renowned local farmers and a great miller to break from convention and use a production cycle that favors flavor and nutrition over efficiency. We couldn’t be more proud of the results. In 2014, all of our grains became Non-GMO Project Verified. We have several guiding principles: * All our grains are 100% grown and milled in California * We offer all "whole grain products (distinct from "whole wheat') which includes the grain in its entirety. * We offer flour with great texture, performance and flavor characteristics, challenging common assumptions about whole grain food. * We provide a high degree of information and transparency. * We pursue the development of local grains that are healthy and delicious.

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