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Chulitos has the goal of sharing Mexico's best-kept secret: guilt-free tortilla chips. The idea is simple, replace some of the corn with cactus -FAO’s vegetable of the future- and bake (without oil) to crisp perfection. The result is a tortilla chip with 1/2 the calories, 3x the fiber, and bursting with micronutrients and antioxidants. Chulitos Tortilla Chips are artisanally made in Jalisco, Mexico bringing the authentic flavors of fresh corn masa, cactus, and lime into a functional and nutritious snack. Our key ingredient, cactus, is an ancient Aztec superfood known for boosting immunity, improving gut health, and reducing inflammation with its numerous antioxidants. The green, tangy vegetable is helpful in reducing insulin resistance, avoiding osteoporosis, and regulating stomach acid. Also known as “green gold”, nopales (cactae) were so precious in Aztec culture that they still appear on the Mexican Flag. Founded in 2020, Chulitos makes its chips with 2 goals in mind: “good for the world, good for me”. Chulitos is passionate about creating a nutritious and delicious alternative to tortilla chips in the most sustainable way possible. The company is proud to be female-owned, and aims to protect agricultural biodiversity, reduce food waste, foster fair trade, and boost the health and wellness of their customers, one chip at a time.

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