Caveman Coffee Co.

Caveman Coffee Co.
Company: Caveman Coffee Co.

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Caveman Coffee is coffee we (Tait, Keith and Lacie) have found/created and love. We are huge coffee fans. We wanted to take some of these special roasts and share them with our community as well as educate people on using a clean, sustainable product. It is all Single Estate meaning that it is from the same farm and is roasted in small batches to keep the highest quality. We work with a small batch roaster to achieve unique flavors that coffee drinkers will love and people in the paleo community can utilize as part of their high fat diet. Thus we came us with roasts that go well with butter and MCT. Our light "white" roast is a cross between a light roast and a green coffee bean (un-roasted) and has distinct nutty taste while maintaining some of the health benefits of green beans. This is unique to the entire coffee market as nothing has ever been done like this before.

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