Competitive Economic Times Call For Innovation

Michael Zacka, President and CEO of Tetra Pak, U.S. & Canada

In a challenging economy, many companies delay decision-making and retract investment to avoid risk. But this behavior is “innovation suffocation,” explains President and CEO of Tetra Pak, U.S. & Canada, Michael Zacka. And it can prevent companies from seeing the distinct opportunities that exist -even in difficult economic climates.

Drawing from his own observations as well as the successes of Pretzel Crisps, Whole Foods, Apple and many others, Zacka takes an in-depth look  at what distinguishes high-growth businesses from the pack, identifying five fundamental currents that can reshape corporate success and sustainable profit growth.

They are:

  • Speed, and how, in today’s environment, “the fast are eating the slow”;
  • Age, and how Millennials and Baby Boomers are shaping the marketplace;
  • Glocal, and the increasing importance of “thinking global,” while respecting and “acting local”
  • Uncertainty, and how high-growth companies are able to shield their organizations and continue to innovate during uncertain economic times; and
  • Innovation

Watch Zacka’s full speech on the subject here.

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