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Nov 5, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Exploring Strategy in the Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Healthy Packaged Foods Industry
This is a past event. Registration is open for NOSH Live Summer 2020.

Project NOSH L.A.: Janica Lane, Subriana Pierce, Snack Nation Join the Lineup

Jeff Klineman

New speakers and talks have been added to the lineup of Project NOSH L.A., the first conference aimed at providing actionable strategic advice on the growth needs of emerging Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Healthy food companies.

Joining the opening panel will be investment banker Janica Lane of Piper Jaffray. A managing director with a long history of matching healthy lifestyle brands with investors, Ms. Lane will speak on the pace of fundraising opportunities for growing food brands. She will also join with SPINS analyst Mary Ellen Lynch and Health Warrior CEO Shane Emmett, along with the retail market expertise of Subriana Pierce, managing director of Navigator Sales and Marketing (and an advisor to MetaBrand), in a wide-ranging conversation about the contours of the environment for NOSH companies: gatekeepers at the retailer, distributor, consumer and financial levels.

57115929068529.7LGZ7TVqzy5XgSCOH4X9_height640Project NOSH is also delighted to announce that Sean Kelly, the founder of Healthy Vending and SnackNation, will participate in an introduction to emerging retail channels alongside Thrive Market’s VP of Purchasing and Marketing. With a focus on best practices for maximizing the return on office delivery, vending, and fast-growth online retail platforms, the emerging retail panel will give attendees a road map to integrate their brick-and-mortar footprints with new ways to reach consumers accelerate brand development.

While much of the day will focus on helping brand owners think through the challenges of growth and strategies that can help brands thrive, Project NOSH L.A. will also highlight the attendees themselves via product sampling and networking opportunities. As much a community as it is a learning and sharing opportunity, the Project NOSH team will be on hand to help facilitate conversation and produce a valuable experience for all attendees.

Project NOSH L.A. will take place on Nov. 5 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. Questions about the event or attendance can be arranged by contacting Jon Landis; Sponsorship is still available and can be arranged by contacting John McKenna.

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