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NOSH Live Video: Natural and Organic in the Main Line

Carol Ortenberg

In the past year, 99 percent of shoppers have purchased natural products and another 84 percent purchased organic items. While the increased interest in these segments has resulted in enormous opportunity for natural and organic food brands, it’s also resulted increased competition for shelf space and consumer attention.

As Kathryn Peters, EVP of retailer services at SPINS, and Brian Reed, principle at IRI, revealed at NOSH Live 2018, simply being “natural” is no longer enough to capture consumers.

“In case you missed it, natural products continue to grow,” Peters told the audience. “For years we’ve been talking about how this groundswell is coming, but I guess really the message is ‘it’s now here.’ Natural is now table stakes.”

Instead, consumers consider other attributes such as no sugar added, ketogenic, plant-based and more in their purchasing decisions. Natural is no longer “one dimensional,” Peters said.

However, the duo said, there’s plenty of white spaces for brands to seek out. By focusing on “personalization, craft premiumization, and mainstreaming,” emerging food brands can connect with consumers in new ways and capture shoppers’ attention, not to mention a share of their wallets. In this video, the two speakers discuss what categories and brands are positioning themselves successfully and how other brands can analyze those road maps to benefit their own growth.

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