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Lawless Announces Equity Partnership With Monogram & Rebrand

Meagan McGinnes

On Tuesday, Lawless Craft Jerky founder Matt Tolnick announced at NOSH Live Summer 2018 that the brand has entered into a partnership agreement with Monogram Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of meat snacks in the U.S. The agreement not only gives Monogram the potential to gain roughly the same size equity stake in the company as Tolnick over time, but it also adds a premium, craft brand to their private label-heavy portfolio.

Tolnick explained that the partnership now gives the company the production capability to scale nationally and have more consistency with the texture of its grass fed products. Tolnick also explained the reasoning behind the company’s recent redesign — made Austin-based designer Ptarmak — which is rolling out to its 2,000-plus retailers this week.

But Lawless Jerky news was not the only update Tolnick had to share on the NOSH Live Livestream Studio. By the end of this year, Tolnick will launch a new company and brand with a disruptive new product: a shelf-stable, preservative-free omelet bar under a new company and brand.

“I can say that we were attracted to breakfast because the offerings to consumers in the breakfast snacking space hadn’t developed as quickly to meet consumers’ changing tastes and preferences as they had for snacks targeted more to the afternoon daypart,” Tolnick told NOSH. “Watching the growth, velocity, and ultimate success of brands like Epic, Perfect Bar and RxBar were certainly inspirational, and we aspire to follow in their footsteps.”

Watch Tolnick’s full interview above to learn more about Lawless’s redesign and partnership with Monogram, as well as to hear more about the early stages of his entrance into breakfast.

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