Love Beets Doubles Shelf-Life & Launches Resealable Packaging

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Love Beets, the brand of premium, all natural, ready-to-eat beet products, has relaunched their line of marinated baby beets and other beet items with double the shelf-life and new resealable packaging, making their products even more convenient and appealing to retailers and consumers alike.

Effective March 12, 2018, most Love Beets products will feature a shelf-life that has doubled to 36 days from the previous 18-day shelf-life – a significant improvement for these value-added produce items.

“Our new 36-day shelf-life makes our products more appealing to retailers because it allows for wider distribution, the ability to carry more items at one time, and will greatly reduce shrink,” said George Shropshire, General Manager of Love Beets USA, LLC.  “It also allows more time for the consumer to enjoy his or her beets once they get them home. It’s a big win in so many ways.”

This major breakthrough allows full coast-to-coast distribution on these lines without jeopardizing the quality or integrity of their beets.

“Through product innovations and using equipment and facilities in a new way, we have managed to ensure that our marinated baby beets stay fresh for twice as long without the need to add any preservatives or additives,” said Daniel Cross, Managing Director of Love Beets Production, LLC.

While retailers greatly profit from the extended shelf-life, consumers will enjoy the benefits of the new resealable packaging.

“We’re so excited to launch our new ‘peel and reseal’ packaging because it’s something we’ve been working towards for a long time,” said Shropshire.  “We knew it would enhance the convenience factor of our products even more for the consumer, and consumer experience is of the utmost importance to us as a company.”

Love Beets prides itself on its “no mess, no fuss” beet offerings and their new packaging innovation allows for easier on-the-go snacking or consuming the beets in multiple sittings.

“You simply peel back the label, take out how many beets you want, press the label back down, pop back in the fridge, and they’re ready and just as fresh for next time,” said Shropshire. “It’s great!”

Products now featuring the convenient “peel and reseal” packaging include Love Beets’ line of marinated baby beets (Organic Mild Vinegar, Mild Vinegar, White Wine & Balsamic, Honey & Ginger, and Sweet Chili), as well as other innovative beet items, such as their Sweet & Smoky Shredded Beets and new Beet Salsa and diced Honey + Vinegar Golden Beets.  All items (excluding Beet Salsa) also feature the new 36-day shelf-life.

Love Beets’ new resealable packaging and longer shelf-life items can now be found at major retailers and specialty shops across North America.

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