Oriya Organics Launches New Plant Protein

ANAHEIM, Calif.  – Oriya Organics, a family-owned a plant-based, superfood supplement maker, will be introducing an innovative new paleo vegan protein at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. The company will be adding another ultra-clean, whole food supplement to their roster of nutrient-dense organic supplements with Gather –– a superfood paleo vegan protein with only six ingredients –- that is certified both paleo AND vegan.

Oriya’s Gather Paleo Vegan Protein starts with certified organic, cold pressed pumpkin, sunflower, chia and hemp seeds and that are mixed with organic cranberries and goji berries creating a whole food supplement that packs 20 grams of protein.

“Our customers are folks looking for ultra-clean, 100% organic whole food, plant-based supplements,” said Jonathon Larson, Oriya Organics’ Co-Founder and CEO. “Our Gather Paleo Vegan Protein takes this to a whole new level since it is both vegan and paleo certified.” We began formulating our own superfood blends out of necessity. When my brother, Ryan, was competing as a professional Mixed Martial Arts athlete, we began reading ingredient labels extremely closely, and monitoring every single ingredient he put in his body. In order to meet the stringent dietary standards he was looking to achieve, we took “clean” to the next level.

Fours months ago the company launched a new branding campaignthat is based on customer feedback. Oriya’s customers overwhelmingly cited the reason for purchase was Oriya’s ultra- clean formula: certified 100% organic, vegan, without synthetic nutrients or sweeteners and minimal ingredients. The branding on Gather’s packaging highlights “6 Ingredients or Less” with a large iconic “6”.

2017 has already proved to be big one for Oriya since they’ve already picked up two new major retailers: HEB and Amazon.

“At Oriya, our family prides ourselves on delivering the clean, 100% organic whole food, and plant-based supplements. Our original mission was to develop formulas for Ryan that energized, healed and revitalized him as a pro athlete and that mission is still true… we just reach more people now,” concluded Larson.

About Us
While my brother, Ryan, was competing as a pro Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, athlete, he and I began experimenting with nutritionally dense foods and found that plant proteins are incredibly bioavailable and easy on the digestive system. We also discovered the power of super foods like spirulina, chlorella, gojiberries and chia seeds which are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients. These whole food ingredients energize, heal and revitalize.

After Ryan retired from MMA, our family launched Oriya Organics because we knew our plant-based formulas delivered ultra-clean, high performance nutrition which optimally fuels anyone – from pro athletes to nutritionally savvy moms looking for the cleanest and healthiest options for their family.

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