NOSH LA 2016

Nov. 1 & 2, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
This is a past event. Replay all presentations and view upcoming events.

Press/Media Registration

Press Pass Policy Overview

Applicants for press/media registration must show employment by or assignment for a publication or program that is previously established, independent and regularly updated with original industry-related news, or who are working on a story about the industry for a legitimate news operation.

Media accreditation is reserved for working members of the press who are attending specifically to cover the event.

Important: Please note that if you receive a press pass (or have in the past) and do not provide coverage of the event or properly source the event for relevant stories, you may not be granted a press pass at future events.

Along with filling out the following form, please provide the appropriate credentials (see below). Links can be included in the message field, or you can e-mail these credentials to

Request Form

This form is from an event that has already taken place and is no longer accepting submissions.

What are accepted forms of credentials?

Print / Online Media

  • Masthead from a current publication listing you as an editorial contributor.
  • At least two recent articles (or links) with your byline.

Broadcast Media

  • Letter from the editor/producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering the event on assignment.
  • Government-issued or media outlet press ID.
  • A news outlet webpage listing you as news staff (news director, editor, producer, reporter, anchor).
  • Business card from your media outlet reflecting your editorial role.

What are ineligible forms of verification for press badges?

  • Freelance or sponsored articles written about your company.
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sites, personal blogs, forums and users groups.
  • Photographers and videographers commissioned by sponsors or speakers.
  • General managers, account representatives, sales executives, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals.
  • Anyone whose principal purpose for attending the event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media.
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