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Try it for yourself and see why our Incredible,100% All Natural Sauce raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter before it even hit the shelves #WheresTheWuju For as long as I can remember, I've always loved hot sauce. I can still recall going to my grandparents’ house after piano lessons and enjoying pork belly or string beans with a side of Sriracha sauces, Asian pastes, and even Frank’s Red Hot. Growing around my parents’ Asian fusion restaurants, I developed a passion for food & the food business. I always assumed that I would eventually join the family business. It wasn’t until years later when I visited a friend’s house for dinner that my new path in life presented itself. The recipe started with my buddy's dad - he had created a hot sauce that was completely unique in a way I couldn't describe. A brand new flavor, with a consistency, aroma, & zing I had never experienced before. From the moment that sauce hit my tongue, my life would never be the same. That sauce sparked big questions in my mind like, Where is the standard alternative to the red hot sauce? Where is the mustard to the ketchup in the hot sauce world? I took this inspiration, and set out to answer those questions. After countless hours of tweaking & experimenting in my parent's kitchen, I perfected the original recipe until I found the perfect blend of spices & our 100% all natural ingredients. After sending out thousands of free bottles, and raising over $60,000 on Kickstarter in a matter of weeks - people all over the country are asking themselves. Wheres The WUJU?

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