Waka Coffee: Light Roast Indian Instant Coffee 3.5 oz Bag


BEST COFFEE BEANS: Made of 100% high quality Arabica beans instant coffee from India. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Freeze dried to preserve aroma and original flavor of the beans. DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Light roast, low acidity, pleasant dry finish with notes of chocolate and hazelnut. FAST TO MAKE: Tastes like a fresh brew, fast like instant. No wait, no lines, no machines - pure coffee - no additives at all! SAVES WELL: Our premium instant coffee is packaged in a convenient to use bag with a resealable zipper to save your instant coffee when stored. Includes about 35 servings of our recommended amount of instant coffee per mug (1-2 tsp). Packed in California.


100% Arabica instant coffee


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Light Roast Indian Instant Coffee 3.5 oz Bag