Watch: NadaMoo CEO Reflects on 15 Years in Business

Aug. 12, 2020 at 2:20 PM

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Over the past year the ice cream category simultaneously expanded, behind new brand launches and investments, and contracted, with legacy brands declaring bankruptcy. This dynamic environment might lead some brands to respond by making quick pivots, but for plant-based frozen dessert brand NadaMoo, the plan has always been to “stay the course.” Celebrating their 15th anniversary this summer, the company has survived upheavals and changes in the marketplace, remaining committed to standing out because of their product taste and quality.

In this video with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg, NadaMoo CEO Daniel Nicholson traces back the evolution of the brand, and what it was like taking over for the company’s founder in 2011.

“I’m a huge believer in trial by fire…those are often the best types of situations that you can be put into to begin to develop some of those skills that you inherently have inside you but have never had to really manifest,” Nicholson shared. “I got thrown in the deep end and it was sink or swim and I decided that I wanted to swim.”

He also touches upon how the interest (and investment) in both the frozen dessert set and plant-based products has impacted the company, noting that the competition has grown immensely, and why he believes some ice cream brands have had to declare bankruptcy in recent months. Nicholson added that when the company does see success, he tends to “not celebrate” but rather think about how “to continue to outperform yourself.”