How Do You Pull Off The Perfect Store Demo?

Product sampling is one of the most effective methods of building brand awareness: it offers consumers the opportunity to interact directly with your food or beverage while giving a brand ambassador the opportunity to inform and educate. Positive sampling experiences can activate product advocates and help provide much-needed word of mouth buzz; poorly coordinated sampling can be detrimental to brand growth and can turn consumers into critics.

To help guide future sampling and demo plans, BevNET FBU is proud to announce two new 20 minute segments featuring Anya Kaats, the marketing director of Suja Juice. Kaats has created and implemented national in-store demonstration programs as well as overseen communications at Brad’s Raw Foods, Mamma Chia and Suja Juice.

In addition to Kaats’ past brand work she also has expertise as a Culinary Demo Specialist at Whole Foods Market. At WFM she managed product demos on both the regional and national level. Anya has a slew of advice on scheduling, planning and executing the perfect demo at Whole Foods as only a previous employee can offer.

Below we have made one video featuring Kaats available for free access. This sample covers some of the biggest problems and areas of concern a brand can face when demoing a product. It’s a great example of some the advice that you’ll find throughout the rest of her video series.

[player path=”free-bevnet-food-beverage-content/whats-the-biggest-problem-a-brand-will-face-during-a-demo”]

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