Smart Baking Company Launches Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD

SANFORD, Fla.—  Smart Baking Company already defies expectations, proving food can be healthy and delicious with its beyond gluten-free products.

Now, the company is going way beyond with a new product line— Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD.

The industry-disrupting product combines all the health benefits of the original Smartcakes with 25 milligrams of THC-free, hemp-infused CBD per cake. They are lab-tested and third-party certified for purity and potency

“There is a growing base of people who want to cut carbs, stay gluten-free or otherwise eat healthier,” said Dave Heuvel, co-founder and VP of Sales. “Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD offer our customers a healthy hemp-based, CBD option in this rapidly expanding market.”

The new product comes in a vanilla latte flavor, providing a perfect complement to morning coffee, serving as a pick-me-up in the afternoon or finishing the evening with a sweet treat. Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD are gluten-free, keto friendly and non-GMO with only 38 calories each and no sugar. There are 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber packed into each serving to help dieters stay on track. Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD can be ordered through for people ages 18 and older. Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD join a growing list of products from Smart Baking Company. There are also Smartbuns, a gluten-free, 72-calorie sandwich bun, as well as a variety of original Smartcakes flavors. All of the products are made from a proprietary blend of fiber, protein, water, vitamins and minerals.

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About Smart Baking Company

Smart Baking Company, a pioneer in the health food industry, has broken the code on healthy baking, creating products that go beyond gluten-free. Its Smartcakes and Smartbuns are made from a proprietary blend of fiber, protein, water, vitamins and minerals. They are gluten- and wheat-free, low calorie, high fiber, diabetic- and keto-friendly and non-GMO. Smartcakes, which come in multiple flavors, are the only FDA-approved designation of “healthy cake.” The company also offers Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD, which combine the benefits of Smartcakes with 25 milligrams of hemp-infused CBD per cake. Founded in Sanford, Florida, the company aims to offer customers choices that are truly healthy and fun. Smart Baking Company products are available at health food stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon and online at Smartcakes PLUS Hemp CBD are available at For more information, visit the website or call 407.915.5519.

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