New Wellness Brand JOYA Launches

LOS ANGELES— Joya, a wellness brand creating plant-based and meticulously crafted functional foods and beverages, is thrilled to announce its official launch and online web shop. Founded by Ruth Elnekave, a former lawyer and classically trained chef turned holistic nutritionist who healed her severe adrenal fatigue with whole foods and potent botanicals, Ruth was impassioned to bring her nutrient-dense snack and beverages to consumers everywhere.

“I’ve experienced firsthand the powerful and unmatched benefits of incorporating herbs and plants into your diet to turn your health around,” says Joya founder Ruth Elnekave. “As a lawyer who was burning the candle at both ends for years, it was the functional foods that I developed in my kitchen that cured my persistent health issues for good. My belief that wellness should never mean sacrifice, coupled with my holistic nutrition and herbal medicine training resulted in Joya—an equal parts delicious and nourishing superfoods line—and I’m ecstatic to share our joy-inducing line-up with a broader community of people seeking tasty functional options.”

Made with the purest, carefully sourced ingredients, Joya offers an assortment of products that are rigorously tested to meet stringent quality and potency standards. All ingredients are organic or wild-crafted, and all products are non-GMO with zero gluten, refined sugar, dairy, preservatives or additives. The beverages are created with carefully chosen adaptogens, then combined with complementary functional ingredients that together support holistic health and wellness.

Joya Elixirs

Bliss: This decadent chocolate elixir is crafted with adaptogenic and antioxidant-rich botanicals including He Shou Wu Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Maca and raw Cacao. A guilt-free, indulgent treat, this powerhouse elixir supports stress while promoting calmness and a positive mind. Vegan and Keto-friendly. 5.6 oz. glass jar-$45

Focus: This powerful brain-hugging and immunity boosting elixir features ceremonial grade Matcha, Moringa Leaf, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, Pine Pollen and Ashwagandha Root Extract. A matcha lover’s dream, this energizing elixir promotes cognitive function, mental stamina and concentration all while helping to combat stress. Paleo, Keto and Vegan-friendly with zero sugars. 2.8 oz. glass jar- $45

Glow: Turmeric plus a rockstar line-up including Astragalus Root Extract, Pine Pollen, Ashwagandha Root Extract, Ginger and Cinnamon makes this a truly golden elixir. The trifecta of adaptogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties means stress support, cell protection from free radical damage, and promoting skin health from the inside out. Palo, Keto and Vegan-friendly with zero sugars. 4.9 oz. glass jar-$45

Joya Herbal Teas

Elevate: An adaptogenic and aromatic blend of Maca, Rhodiola Root, Cacao Husks, Chicory Root, Dandelion Root and Ginger for a perfectly uplifting tea experience. Expect to feel invigorated with enhanced mental stamina and joyously alert. The perfect morning or mid-day pick-me-up, minus the caffeine jitters. Certified Organic. 4.9 oz. tin-$42

Zing: A robust and zesty tea made with Ginger, Licorice Root, Astragalus Root, Lemongrass and Rooibos. This stimulating blend with a kick promotes digestive function, relieves gas and bloating, soothes cramps and increases immune function. Ideal for getting the juices flowing, kickstarting the immune system and bringing the mind and body into balance. Certified Organic. 3.5 oz. tin-$38

Joya Handcrafted Chocolate

70% Dark Chocolate: Pure, simple and bold, made of cocoa mass and coconut sugar. Tasting Notes of caramel, honey, coffee and pear. The ultimate indulgent treat that happens to also be Paleo, Keto and Vegan, and 100% organic ingredients. 12 pack of snack size bars-$62

61.5% Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate: One-of-a-kind chocolate made with coconut milk for a maximum creamy and velvety texture. A pure, clean bar made with cocoa mass, coconut sugar, coconut flakes and cocoa butter. Tasting notes of chestnut honey, almonds, apple, citrus and black tea. There’s no looking back after having one square! Paleo, Keto and Vegan, and 100% organic ingredients. 12 pack of snack size bars-$62

Joya’s unique spectrum of delectable superfoods will tantalize the taste buds while simultaneously elevating vitality.

Promise to the Planet: For Joya, taking care of our communal home is as important as crafting the highest quality superfoods. The brand is committed to sourcing from and supporting responsible growers and producers. Additionally, Joya minimizes waste by creating truly sustainable packaging solutions: chocolates come in 100% compostable pouches, and elixirs and teas come in UV protective jars and tins and 100% compostable refill pouches. Because joy should come with a clean conscious.

About Joya

Founded in October 2019, Joya is a sustainability-obsessed wellness brand creating elevated functional foods. By harnessing the potential of the most nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients on the planet, and combining centuries-old herbal knowledge and culinary expertise, they have developed a unique line of elixirs, teas and chocolates that are as decadent and delicious as they are nourishing and effective. Every Joya product is pure, natural and non-GMO, and all elixirs and teas are independently lab tested, delivering products you can trust. The Joya Life is rooted in the belief that true wellness can’t be achieved without joy, and that savoring food is one of the ultimate pleasures of life. To learn more visit Follow in Instagram @thejoyalife

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