Holistik Wellness Releases CBD Stir STIK

NEW YORK— HOLISTIK Wellness LLC, a start-up health and wellness company born from the inspiration to utilize the entire hemp plant to help consumers live more holistically, has announced the release of an innovative new CBD product – the HOLISTIK Stir STIK.

HOLISTIK Wellness introduces a unique CBD product that provides the health benefits of broad-spectrum, water soluble hemp extract powder in a convenient, easy-to-use Stir STIK delivery system that consumers can either pop open and pour or stir gradually into their favorite beverage, hot or cold.

HOLISTIK is currently available in five (5) different Stir STIK varieties: stress, sleep, recover, beauty and digest. All five (5) formulas are simple, containing a daily serving of CBD Wellness paired with other natural ingredients to help foster wellness from the inside out. CBD Wellness, the key ingredient in each Stir STIK product, is a proprietary blend of water soluble, broad-spectrum hemp extract (in powder form). Varieties include the following active ingredients*:

  • STRESS STIK: CBD Wellness plus lemon balm extract to help you stay calm and relaxed
  • SLEEP STIK: CBD Wellness plus chamomile and melatonin to help you relax and fall asleep
  • RECOVER STIK: CBD Wellness plus ginger and turmeric to aid muscle recovery
  • BEAUTY STIK: CBD Wellness plus collagen to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • DIGEST STIK: CBD Wellness plus papaya and turmeric to promote digestion and control appetite

*Each Stir STIK product contains 10mg of CBD Wellness.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of HOLISTIK Wellness and provide consumers with a simple, every-day solution to help you on your path to wellness,” said CEO and co-founder TJ Stouder.

TJ, a former Procter & Gamble executive, envisioned the company after watching his mother struggle with various health ailments over the years, without experiencing much benefit from more traditional remedies. After much debate, TJ finally convinced his mom to try CBD, which helped her immensely. He then set out to identify and procure the leading materials available to create a clean, easy-to-use, and effective CBD product, resulting in the birth of HOLISTIK Wellness.

“I’ve learned from experience that HOLISTIK Wellness offers something for everyone – from those new to the category to well-versed, seasoned users, we provide an easy-to-use option to help improve your wellness regimen, day in and day out. Whether you are looking forward to the myriad of wellness benefits from daily use or just need one STIK on the go during a stressful day or before an important night sleep, we feel confident you will experience the benefits of our proprietary formulas.”

All HOLISTIK products are born from hemp plants that are grown hydroponically in a greenhouse, proudly located in Buffalo, NY (USA). “Quality control is paramount when dealing with a biological sponge of a plant like hemp,” said head grower, Paal Elfstrum. Growing hemp plants in a greenhouse helps ensure that they are not exposed to the heavy metals and toxins in soil or the many pollutants often found in the air. The plants are grown in coco coir to help keep the roots moist and allow them to take in more oxygen, creating cleaner, healthier and larger plants.

HOLISTIK Wellness products are currently available for purchase online in packs of three ($13.99), ten ($39.99) and thirty ($99.99). HOLISTIK Wellness will also be available in select grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers later this Summer/Fall.

For more information on HOLISTIK Wellness, to learn how you can Stir Your Way to Wellness™ and to purchase this innovative new CBD Wellness product, please visit

About Holistick Wellness

HOLISTIK Wellness is committed to minimizing our impact on the planet. We’re always pushing boundaries to make our business practices greener and more sustainable. Beginning on the farm, we minimize our footprint by not being dependent on the traditional power grid and by using 95% less water than outdoor grown hemp. All HOLISTIK Wellness packaging materials are made from the best biodegradable materials available and our Stir STIK products are made from recycled plastic. As stigma against hemp dissipates and innovation thrives, we are working with and even investing in suppliers with the potential to make our unique Stir STIK products out of hemp plastic, to further minimize our footprint.

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